Strength & Conditioning
The primary goal of any strength and conditioning programme should be injury prevention. This as well as improving performance form the foundations to any successful programme.

Physio-Led Fitness
Out team of physiotherapists are also certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists. We offer a selection of specific classes that are tailored to the individual and their sporting demands.

Classes include:
○ Functional Fitness
○ Power Hour
○ Pro-Balance and Bone Health
○ Pro-AM
○ Met Con
○ We also cater for 1:1 and small groups.

"Dream Believe Achieve"
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We work closely with clients to create programmes that encourage wellness in the workplace.

Services include:

○ Chartered Physiotherapy approved by all major health insurance providers.

○ Ergonomics/postural assessments;

○ Group training, Pilates & Yoga;

○ Educational workshops (Nutrition, wellbeing etc.)

We aim to educate and encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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Being ProActiv

If you are new to our clinic and looking to begin one of our classes we can start you journey with a 1:1 assessment with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists. This will enable us to establish your current needs and as a result help us place you into a appropriate class.

You can book your assessment through our online booking service or by contacting our clinic. Please note this is an optional service.